Benefits of Using Wall Gardens as Home and Office Dividers

April 18, 2018

Instead of installing plain, boring walls or dividers in your home or office, select wall gardens to bring your rooms alive in every sense of the word. These are structures that contain planters for indoor or outdoor areas of your property depending upon your preferences and design scheme. Your walls, once planted, will provide a special ambiance, as only greenery and flowers can, for your office, house or even outdoor areas. The benefits of adding this feature are numerous, and we offer some in the following facts.

Reduces Stress

People report that the wall gardens provide a relaxing ambiance that reduces their daily stress in the office or at home depending upon where they are located. Also, the outdoor areas at both places become a get-away oasis from the problems of the day.

Wall Gardens Help Regulate Indoor Temperatures

Since plants absorb the moisture inside a home or an office, the wall gardens act as temperature regulators. As a result, power bills can be lower due to the fact that the air conditioners will not need to run as much to cool the air.

Certain Plants in Wall Gardens Clean the Air of Toxins

When these living walls contain the right plants, they can clean the indoor air of harmful toxins, such as VOCs, formaldehyde and benzene. Examples of these plants are English ivy, peace lily, lady palm, Boston fern and spider plant along with others.

Effective Noise Reduction

Often, people overlook the fact that a wall garden helps to reduce noise levels in an office or a home by blocking the transmission of sounds from one part of the structure to another. This includes preventing street noise from entering into the structure. Wall gardens are highly effective at blocking even high-frequency sounds as well as the low-frequency ones.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Décor

The last benefit that we would like to discuss is that the plants in a wall garden are sustainable, eco-friendly décor. They are completely natural, transplantable when necessary, easy to replace and best of all biodegradable into non-toxic elements. You can even turn spent plants into compost to enrich your planting soil.

For additional facts about the benefits of using wall gardens as home and office dividers, contact Growing Well. We supply you with all of the necessary elements to create your own wall garden wherever you see the need or use for one. Once installed, all you need to do is add soil and your choice of plants. Be certain to care for your plants according to their instructions to see your wall come to life.

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