How Wall Gardens Can Contribute to Health and Wellness

September 14, 2018

Wall gardens are becoming very popular because these allow you to grow plants literally anywhere, vertically. They are also very effective at enhancing the ambiance of exterior spaces with lush, healthy fruit bearing plants that can also separate or shield adjoining properties to create more privacy.

Wall gardens are an ideal way to cultivate vegetables, fruits, and flowering plants, in areas with little floor space. Growing food vertically also creates an Eco-friendly outdoor environment that has health and wellness benefits. Not only because you can cultivate herbs, fruits and vegetables that are healthy to eat, but in other ways too.

Many studies have shown how cultivating a garden can have positive effects on a person’s health. Unfortunately, many people who live in urban areas that desire to have their own garden don’t have enough space to grow vegetables and fruits. This is why vertical gardens are so popular and appreciated.

In fact, not only can residential properties benefit from having a garden, but commercial buildings too.

Wall Gardens Increase Your Health and Wellness

Anyone can enjoy an increase in health and wellness by having a vertical garden setup in their home or at work, or any place where people could benefit from them daily, such as senior care facilities. Horticulture therapy, which is also known as STH (social and therapeutic horticulture) when applied in medical facilities with the help of a therapist, happens when people are active in the planting and cultivating gardens, or involves in plant-based activities.

Having a wall garden, and being active in taking care of plants, naturally provides effective horticulture therapy, which results in the increase feelings of inner peace and positive emotions. Direct contact with plants is proven to improve the quality of life of people that engage in gardening on a regular basis, or those are just around plants.

This is why psychologists and doctors suggest to setup wall gardens in places such as hospitals and senior care facilities, to help improve the quality of life of patients. The benefits of horticulture therapy not only includes increased feelings of inner peace, positive emotions, and reduction of stress, but taking care of a garden also creates an opportunity for those who suffer from limited mobility to become involved in a healthy activity.

Wall gardens can effectively help people struggling with mental-health disorders to cultivate hope, by giving them something to look forward to. Their efforts in caring for plants, watching them grow everyday, is a rewarding daily experience that creates hope for another day.

After considering the health and wellness benefits of horticulture therapy, wall gardens are much more than just growing plants vertically, they help improve people’s lives.

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