Outdoor Living Green Wall Gardens Contribute to A Healthier Environment

October 26, 2018

Everywhere you look you will find walls, they are literally everywhere. While walls are commonplace structures, they are usually sterile-looking, bare, worn out, and unusable, there are ways to beautify them and make them more useful. If you are looking for a great way to beautify your walls, to make them more interesting, whether in your garden, yard, or in your place of business, then consider living green wall gardens.

Creating A Healthier Environment with Outdoor Living Green Wall Gardens

Originally a concept that was, and still is, popular in the countryside, and a common feature in Italian and Mediterranean architecture, living green wall gardens are a wonderful way to beautify your walls and surroundings while at the same time contributing to a healthier environment.

How outdoor living green wall gardens create a healthier environment:

  • Natural air freshener – living green wall gardens are natural air fresheners. Not only do they absorb excessive carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide caused by vehicular emissions, they also help to reduce the density of free particles of dust, soot, and smoke that is everywhere in the air.

Some plants are well-known for absorbing odours, while others can help to regulate the humidity of an area, adding to the overall comfort of a location without having to spend any money.

  • Reduces noise – walls have a propensity to cause noise to bounce back. Adding plants to a wall reduces noise by muffling out sounds. If your home or place of business is located in a busy thoroughfare, putting up a living green wall garden is going to significantly reduce any jarring or annoying sounds, such as vehicle traffic and human activity, allowing you some peace and quiet from the busy world outside.
  • Helps to alleviate stress – stress is the number one enemy of the modern age, and most people suffer from it. Thankfully, science has proven that being exposed to plants and flowers are actually quite beneficial, not only in the overall reduction of stress, but also to uplift mood and hasten the body’s natural healing process.

A living green wall garden will create a healthier environment to be around, and will help people who struggle with anxiety and depression to find a sense of calmness that cuts down on their overall stress levels.

If you are looking for a wonderful way to beautify your wall, and create a healthier environment to be around, at the same time, then an outdoor living green wall garden is just what you need.

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