The Indoor and Outdoor Appeal of Wall Gardens

March 29, 2018

Green wall gardens offer vibrant displays of nature beauty and creative artistry to all who view or catch a passing glimpse of your vertical gardens today. Installing one or more vertically growing gardens of your favorite climbing vines, flowering plants or colourful fruits and vegetables will give your home enhanced curb appeal. It will also improve the appearance of your home's exterior spaces, making your outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas more attractive and inviting for you, your family or other household members and friends. It is also very pleasant to look out at your many-hued, upward growing, creative plants display while having your breakfast or organizing your daily schedule early in the morning. You can also install beautiful and healthy vertical gardens inside your home, especially if you have exposed brick or stone walls in some of your rooms.

The Strong Visual Appeal of Indoor and Outdoor Wall Gardens for Your Home

Creative wall gardens can create a strong, attractive and personally appealing visual sense of beauty and relaxation as both indoor and outdoor installations for your home. Outdoor vertical gardens have become popular in many areas of the country during the last few years. However, lush and colourful wall garden installations on a brick, stone or concrete wall inside your home can make a powerful interior decor statement of pure, natural luster and beauty. Ways in which interior and exterior wall gardens can enhance your home's overall appeal and value include the following:

  • Outdoor Entertainment Areas. - When you build an extensive and creative green wall extending skyward in your outdoor entertainment areas, you increase the beauty and visual sensibility and appeal of this space while making it seem larger and more inclusive due to the addition of more natural plants and colourful flowers. The bright coloration of fruits and vegetables growing vertically on a terrace or garden wall will also give your outdoor leisure space a larger and more ornate decorative feeling, making it more pleasurable to spend time there.
  • Indoor Recreation and Game Rooms. - By installing an artistic vertical garden design on a wall in your indoor recreation centre or game room, you will bring the natural beauty of the healthy out-of-doors inside your home to be enjoyed day and night, during all types of weather conditions. All you need is a sturdy wall, preferably constructed of brick or stone and the advice of your gardening expert or a green wall installation kit which provides hanging plant pots, brackets and hooks, steel mesh wiring and simple irrigation installation instructions. You and your entire household will soon be experiencing the joys of bringing natural surroundings indoors.
  • Al Fresco Area Design and Decor. - Any terraces, balconies, patios or terraces that lead from one section of your home to another can be delightful when decorated and adorned with the beauty of lustrous vertical gardens along a wall. You will enjoy the duality of feeling in and out-of-doors while spending time in these lovely, health-enhancing areas of your home, and they are highly attractive areas for entertaining your friends.

By consulting the experts at Vertical-Garden and Growing Well, you will obtain excellent advice, equipment and supplies as well as installation services for building beautiful wall gardens in your home's interior and exterior living spaces. These professional gardeners will help you include the ideal plants to achieve the ultimate healthy and attractive natural beauty display to improve and enhance your overall home design and decor. 

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