Vertical Garden Kits Make Life Easier for Beginners

March 26, 2018

Vertical Garden Kits can make life much easier and less confusing for newcomers to the current popular movement toward home construction and enjoyment of vertical gardens. You may intend to grow lush, brightly colored clusters of flowers reaching upward to decorate your old brick garage wall in the backyard. Perhaps the members of your household like to cultivate fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for use in daily meal preparation and holiday specialty cooking during the spring and summer months. If so, you should consider installing an attractive and space-saving vertical green garden this year.

How Vertical Garden Kits Make Life Easier for Beginning Gardeners

Your Vertical Garden Kit will instruct you in the best methods of utilizing the following materials. Items except for the wooden lattice and standard wire mesh will be included in your kit:

  • Multi Hang Wallgarden Pots. - These spacious, easy to hang pots are suitable for planting all varieties of plants in your vertical garden. Vegetables and fruits thrive in these pots as do flowers of many different kinds. These pots come with hook or screw attachments to suit a variety of wallgarden settings. Sixteen pots cover one square metre of wall space.
  • Potting Mix. - This potting soil mixture of four litre and soil capacity will be suitable for your plants. This is for plants of 140 mm. to 200 mm. in size.
  • Irrigation System Hookup Directions. - The directions for your irrigation hookup are easy to understand and follow. You want to link a 13 mm. basic irrigation system along the top layer and every fifth layer deep to ensure even watering of all your plants. This will ensure adequate irrigation to keep all plants healthy throughout the growing season.

When you engage the expert services of Vertical-Garden, a Growing Well Garden Design company, you will be assured of installing a highly successful green wall garden to adorn and enhance one or more exterior wall on your home property. Whether you want to grow endless clusters of brightly blossoming flowers, beautiful grape vines climbing skyward or tiered layers of vegetables thriving along your garage or outside home wall, you can realize your plan with the help of these expert gardeners. They will help you design the ideal garden space and environment to best suit your home property and your gardening needs. Whether you want plenty of fresh garden produce for your spring and summer meals or a glowing garden of beautiful flower blooms to decorate your lawn at home, these fine garden experts will assist you in building the true garden of your dreams.

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