Can Vegetables Grow in Vertical Gardens?

August 27, 2018

For people who live in busy cities, the confined spaces of apartment and townhouse dwellings leaves very little room for growing plants and vegetables. So, for those who really want to grow their own food, but don’t have any room or floor space to start a garden, hope is not lost, as it is still possible to have a vertical garden.

Vegetables can Grow in Vertical Gardens

If you want to grow vegetables at home or at work, but you feel that you just don’t have any room for it, there is good news! Vertical gardens are an ideal way to grow vegetables and plants, regardless of how much floor space there is available. With vertical gardens, you are able to grow fresh vegetables without taking up floor space. That’s because vertical gardens utilise wall space instead.

There are many locations and areas that can be used to erect a vertical garden to grow your vegetables. For example, you can build a vertical garden along the outside wall of your home or business building. You can even use the fence that separates your home from your neighbour, or the walls of your balcony. Or, to maximise space, you can even erect a divider and then use both sides of it to grow your vegetables.

Whether you have plans to grow leafy vegetables like cabbage and lettuce, or vining tomatoes, squash and cucumbers, you will need materials to get started building your vertical garden. Instead of having to re-invent the wheel, trying to discover how to construct a vertical garden system on your own, you can purchase a Wallgarden vertical garden kit.

Grow Vegetables with Wallgarden Vertical Garden Kits

Vertical Garden Kits make growing vegetables and plants much easier and less confusing because everything you need to get started is included. Except for the wire mesh and wooden lattice, vertical garden kits comes with Wallgarden vertical garden pots to get you started. Sixteen multi hang Wallgarden pots can cover one square metre of wall space, and with easy to follow instructions, anyone can erect their own vertical garden to grow vegetables.

Used to grow vegetables, fruits or house plants, vertical garden pots come with special easy to use hooks or screw attachments that will suit your particular needs. If you are uncomfortable following the irrigation system hookup direction, not to worry, there is help available if you want it.

Experts at Vertical-Garden are available to install your vertical garden kit on the wall of your home, or anywhere you want to grow vegetables. They can even help you design the ideal garden space that can best meet your needs, so you can grow vegetables that you can enjoy with your meals.

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