Why Should You Have Your Own Wall Garden?

February 14, 2018

When you build or install green walls or vertical gardens along a wall of your home or commercial building or stretching upward along the fence that separates your residential property from your neighbor's yard, you will enhance your exterior spaces with lush, healthy plant life. You may decide to cultivate climbing vines of grapes and flowers or hanging pots of cascading rich greenery that transform your outdoor surroundings into a verdant, cool wonderland of healthy, natural, high-climbing gardens.

Whether you want to create a private outdoor room that is shielded from the adjoining properties or to celebrate the beauty and vitality of flourishing vegetation in many-hued, resplendent colours, your vertical gardens or green walls will adorn your outside spaces. They will create an atmosphere of pure, radiant beauty amidst which you can enjoy many hours of leisure and relaxation while engaged in conversation with family, friends, neighbors or coworkers.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Wall Garden

There are many and varied reasons for enhancing your outdoor property with the beauty and inspiring luster of green walls or the stunning grandeur of flowering vertical gardens, such as the following:

  • Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal. - By installing and nurturing a tall, skyward-reaching green wall or flowering garden of fresh, attractive, blooming plants or fruits and vegetables, you will greatly improve the curb appeal of your home or commercial property. Anyone passing by will notice and admire this bold and beautiful botanical display and the manner in which it embellishes and complements the exterior of your home or office building with brilliant touches of colour accenting the rich green foliage forming its vertically landscaped background.
  • Cultivate Fruits and Vegetables in a Cost-Effective Vertical Space. - Vertical gardens offer cost-effective spaces in which to grow a large number of fruits and vegetables that will provide you and your entire household with fresh, delicious and healthy produce throughout the growing season. When you design your gardening area to extend vertically rather than horizontally in your yard as a traditional gardening plot, you will save valuable lawn spaces for extending your deck, patio or poolside lounging or seating area. You will have more space in which to enjoy the beauty of outdoor living while gaining all the pleasure and benefits of cultivating your clever, attractive green wall or vertical fence garden.
  • Create an Eco-Friendly, Healthy Outdoor Environment. - By creating a health-enhancing outdoor environment that includes a lovely, space-and-money-saving vertical wall of flourishing plant life, you are contributing to the local and global movements toward preserving and bettering the earth's environment. You are also designing, constructing and maintaining a healthy, appealing outdoor living space. Decorated with the glorious luxury and allure of vibrant, verdant plant life with myriad touches of brilliant colour, it will sparkle and glow amidst your new scenic and serene natural garden-walled decor.

When you contact the experts at Growing Well Garden Design of, located in Bondi Junction and serving the entire Sydney area, you will benefit from excellent advice, designs and installation services for your new green walls or vertical gardens. With this fine team's quality advice and assistance, you will soon have exquisite, lush green growing walls brilliantly laced with touches of natural hues adorning your exterior home or office spaces. These experienced professionals will create a healthy outdoor environment of ultimate beauty, charm and allure for your complete relaxation and continuous enjoyment.

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