Essential Materials before Starting Your Wall Garden

June 8, 2018

Starting your own wall garden is exciting, as it should be because it is a great way to enhance your property. Whether it is a flowering vertical garden you are planning to increase your home’s curb appeal, or a vegetable garden to improve your family’s diet, while saving a little money at the grocery store by growing your own food, there are some essential materials that you will need to get started.

The Essential Materials You Need Before Starting Your Wall Garden

Before you can develop your wall garden space with either lush flowers, plants, or your favourite vegetables, it is necessary to prepare your wall or fence with the essential materials to start your garden. These include the following:

Wallgarden pots – the most essential material you will need for any wall garden are multi hang wallgarden pots, these are ideal for use with any type of plant, and are large enough to allow flowers, vegetables and many types of plants to thrive to their full potential. For one square meter of wall space you can hang up to sixteen pots! However you will need to hang them on a firm fence or mount them on a wall.

Select an area to mount your wallgarden pots – once you have chosen where you will start your wall garden, you need some large screws to attach a wire mesh, leaving 10mm space behind it, and so you can mount your multi-hang wallgarden pots.

Install an irrigation system – getting water to your plants is vital, and there are a few ways you can set up an irrigation system to ensure an adequate flow of water to all your plants, but many who are new to wall gardens choose to water them by hand.

Potting soil – once you have your wallgarden pots firmly mounted, you will need some potting soil to plant your seeds. While you can try to make your own potting soil from peat, sand, bark and dirt, it is recommended to purchase potting mix or potting compost at a hardware store.

A lot of effort is involved in setting up a wall garden on your own, acquiring all the essential materials and then erecting it can seem overwhelming to most. Thankfully, there is a much easier way to start a wall garden, with the help of a Vertical Garden Kit from Growing Well.

Not only does a Vertical Garden Kit have everything you need to get started, but the company, Growing Well, can deliver and install it for you!

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