Wall Garden Creativity: Adding Greenery for a Bright and Sunny Interior

August 13, 2018

When you add lush greenery to your indoor vertical wall garden, you will bring more of the purity and beauty of nature indoors to enhance and brighten your home or office interior. The direct sunlight that now lights up and nurtures your high-reaching array of colourful flowers and some foliage will make your indoor garden and its surroundings even more stunning and appealing when you add more green plants.

As gardeners and plant lovers know, all colours imaginable are complemented by green, just as they are amidst natural growing plant life. Green leaves and climbing vines have long been celebrated in fine paintings, sculptures and architectural detail as primary symbols of the amazing colour variations and combinations found in simple and exotic flowers growing from vital green stems and vines.

More Greenery for a Brighter and More Creative Indoor Wall Garden

By increasing the amount of attractive, healthy natural greenery in your indoor vertical garden, you will brighten and enhance your home or commercial interior in the following ways:

  • Green Plants Absorb and Reflect Sunlight. - Green plants growing in your interior wall garden absorb direct and indirect sunlight from your room, solarium or commercial building's lobby windows. If this interior space has one or more skylights in the ceiling, your plants will thrive from basking in this glorious, natural light.

Green plants, vines and foliage also reflect light to a greater degree that blossoms do, aiding in enhancing the entire inner space with brighter, more widely dispersed sunlight.

  • Growing Plants Increase Oxygen in the Air. - By increasing the number of thriving, green plants you include in your indoor vertical garden, you will also raise the levels of pure, health-promoting oxygen in the air. Your interior room or space will seem fresher and more inviting, and more family members, friends, employees and visitors will be attracted to this inside space.

Although some people may not realize the health benefits they are receiving from breathing this vital, clear and invigorating air, they will want to spend more time in this refreshing, pure atmosphere.

  • Green Leaves Brighten and Enliven Colourful Flowers. - Gorgeous blooms of myriad brilliant hues and shades are even brighter and more appealing when bordered and supported by strong, green plants, climbing vines and foliage. The colour variations of these flowers become even more definite and intense or subtle and soft, depending on the strength of their coloration.

When growing and displayed on a blanketed backdrop of empowering, vibrant green, these blooms seem to grow larger and more beautiful, resulting in an even more stunning, creative array of pure colour, serene style and uplifting ambiance for your captivating, elegant wall garden display.

For the very best in natural green plants to enhance and enliven your indoor vertical garden, consult our experts at, or contact them at our Sydney office in Bondi Junction today. These well-experienced gardening professionals will provide you with all the advice, supplies, green vines and flowering plants along with the installation materials needed to create the colourful, health-enhancing, indoor vertical garden you have always desired.

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