How Vertical Gardens and Living Walls Can Help the Environment

April 30, 2018

There is something uniquely alluring about lush green gardens and it makes us want to incorporate them into our environments whenever we can. Since the late '30s, people have been working to make living green walls part of their homes or businesses in order to spice up the architectural design of their building while also introducing a dash of nature to their life. Living green walls, as well as vertical gardens, are two exciting elements that anyone can add to their life. There are many benefits to installing living green walls and vertical gardens to your home and business and not the least of which is that they are good for the environment. Today, we are going to look at the environmental benefits of living walls and vertical gardens as well as a few other reasons that you should consider adding them to your home or business.

The Environmental Benefits of Vertical Gardens and Living Walls

So, before we jump too deeply into the topic we should probably take a moment to discuss what vertical gardens and living walls actually are. For the uninitiated, vertical gardens and living walls are just references to gardens that are grown, well, vertically up a wall. These special gardens are grown by using hydroponic techniques to properly feed the plants. As a result of this clever gardening technique, you can bring lush gardens into every nook and cranny of your life. With that being said, what are the actual environmental benefits of adding them to your life?

To put things as simply as possible, the largest benefit of creating a vertical garden or living wall is that you are creating more nature in your environment. Living plants are always going to be beneficial to the environment around you and, ultimately, the world at large. In our increasingly urban world, adding in natural elements can be a huge benefit to both our minds and to our bodies. Green walls help to clean up the environment by doing several different things specifically.

  1. Noise Reduction - You never realise how loud your environment is until someone quiets it down. Living walls and vertical gardens have noise reduction capabilities that improve workplaces and busy areas.
  2. Pollution Scrubbing - Plants also help to reduce how much carbon monoxide is in the air while also filtering out additional pollutants. Living plants act as a filter for these harmful elements.
  3. Mental Health - Finally, studies show that living walls and vertical gardens are tremendous for our mental health. There is something extremely beneficial about seeing the lush and green growth that makes us react positively.

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