Tips in Choosing the Best Plants for Your Vertical Garden

February 28, 2018

When you build or install green walls or vertical gardens along a wall of your home or commercial building or stretching upward along the fence that separates your residential property from your neighbor's yard, you will enhance your exterior spaces with lush, healthy plant life. You may decide to cultivate climbing vines of grapes and flowers or hanging pots of cascading rich greenery that transform your outdoor surroundings into a verdant, cool wonderland of healthy, natural, high-climbing gardens.

Whether you want to create a private outdoor room that is shielded from the adjoining properties or to celebrate the beauty and vitality of flourishing vegetation in many-hued, resplendent colours, your vertical gardens or green walls will adorn your outside spaces. They will create an atmosphere of pure, radiant beauty amidst which you can enjoy many hours of leisure and relaxation while engaged in conversation with family, friends, neighbors or coworkers.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Wall Garden

Many homeowners and renters today are constructing or installing pre-planned or newly designed vertical gardens to enhance their outdoor living spaces. Especially in small backyards and courtyards or on limited-space decks or apartment unit balconies, miniature gardens can be quite charming. These walls of rich green foliage and brightly blooming flowers, fruits, vegetables or herbs are also ideal for covering worn exterior wall surfaces in need or repair or aging fences, banisters or handrails.

Wall gardens are also eco-friendly and cost-efficient since they enhance the surrounding air with fresh oxygen while requiring a modest cost to create and maintain. Green walls abundant with healthy plant growth are also beautiful, vitalizing items of natural decor that will bring you, your family and friends many hours and days of restful, luxurious and peaceful leisure time and enjoyment.

Helpful Tips for Selecting the Best Plants for Your Vertical Garden

When choosing the ideal plants to create your attractive and healthy vertical garden, select low-growing vegetation with root systems that are shallow. You should arrange plants in groups, according to their watering and fertilising needs. Remember that most green wall layouts will maintain wet soil at the bottom while becoming drier at the top. The following are plant types that are known to grow and flourish in vertical gardens with the right amount of watering:

  • Flowering Plants. - Annual blooming plants like nasturtiums, petunias or violas often thrive in a vertical garden setting when placed so they receive adequate amounts of sunlight and shade during the day. Perennials such as azaleas, society garlic or cyclamens are also good choices.
  • Succulent Plants. - For best results with succulent plants, place combinations of Echeveria, Crassula, Semipervious and Kalanchoe in direct sunlight and refrain from over-watering.
  • Foliage. - Attractive mixtures of foliage like begonias, mini mondo grass, bromeliads and ferns in your vertical garden will create a lush, green background and contrast for your brightly coloured flowering plants, vegetables and fruits. You will have a living, breathing mural of lustrous beauty and myriad hues to view and enjoy every day in your balcony, courtyard or backyard retreat.
  • Herbs. - Varieties of herbal plants will add different types and clusters of decorative foliage to your skyward-stretching garden when you choose such herbs as opal basil, golden marjoram, parsley and variegated thyme plants. There flavourful, healthful herbs will also spark and enhance your culinary preparation of fresh seasonal salads and many cooked meals.
  • Fruits and Vegetables. - Lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries and grapes will bring varied colours and rich tastes to your thriving vertical garden's upward expanse. These edibles usually need the encouragement of a safe, eco-friendly, liquid fertiliser twice monthly to grow and flourish in your green wall display.

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