Healthy Effects of Living Wall Gardens

May 29, 2018

For people who desire to have a garden, but do not have the space available, such as for those living in urban areas, there is a solution – wall gardens. A wall garden is a planting system that allows you to utilise otherwise unused wall space to grow vegetables, herbs, and other plants. Vertical gardens are ideal for homes and apartments that do not have a yard or enough floor space to grow plants.

Not only residential properties, but commercial buildings, office spaces, and senior care facilities too can benefit from the effects of having living wall gardens.

Living Wall Gardens Used as Horticultural Therapy

There are many advantages of having a vertical garden, other than being an affordable, low-maintenance way to produce herbs and vegetables. There are healthy effects of living wall gardens, as these can also provide effective horticultural therapy to elicit feelings of inner peace and to stimulate positive emotions.

It is well documented that direct contact with plants alleviates stress and improves the over quality of life of people who engage regularly in gardening and farming. In this way, access to a living wall garden can have healthy effects on people who have limited space for a typical garden, or for residents in hospitals and senior care facilities that have limited mobility and trouble bending or walking.

Many medical professionals, such as psychologists, doctors, and even occupational therapists, recommend horticultural therapy to their patients and clients because of the health effects that come from being involved in all phases of gardening. Because of the ease of access that wall gardens provide, these are ideal for those who suffer from limited mobility.

Here are some of the positive healthy effects that horticultural therapy can provide, for those who have regular access to living wall gardens:

  • Reduces stress – being around plants, especially when watering them on a regular basis, has been proven to lessen the levels of stress hormones called cortisol, which controls people’s moods. Gardening helps reduce tension, anger, and confusion, by stimulating levels of dopamine and serotonin – hormones that make a person feel good.
  • Cultivates hope – gardening can have a tremendous healthy effect on those struggling with metal-health disorders, as it can give people something to look forward to – hope – as the very action of caring for plants, watching new buds forming and leafs growing everyday, is a very rewarding experience that evokes hope.
  • Physical benefits – having a living wall garden gives people a reason to be outside in the sun and fresh air. Direct sunlight is good for the body as it increases vitamin D levels, and kills bacteria on the skin.

There are many more healthy effects of living wall gardens, and if you are considering transforming your empty wall into a garden space, then visit to get started.

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